Day 1: Closed

Buying the house was a pretty traditional process minus the mortgage part.  I know most people don’t buy in cash and so suffer through dealing with one or more banks.  A good friend of mind recently bought his home (he paid cash, but was dealing with a bank short sale) and described the process as hell.  Everyone wants his end to go as quickly as possible and then he doesn’t hear back for weeks and weeks.  When we signed the purchase agreement, the closing date was at or before Sept. 30th.  Camille told us that everything swings on the title company.  We might close then, earlier, or in November.  Who knows?  If it went longer than the 30th, we’d have to add an addendum to the contract pushing the close date out.  This prospect was a bit nerve wracking for me as we were also signing to an Oct. 15th start date for construction.

We did end up closing at the end of the day on Sept. 30th, 2013.  We didn’t find out until the following afternoon when Em emailed the title company to ask where things were at.  Opps.  I’m going to try and keep a timeline on project posts based on the close date (9/30/13) as being day 1.


About Nathan

Originally from central Florida (near Orlando), I've lived in the Cleveland area since 2008. When I'm not caught up in the life project de jure, I paint, sculpt, play games (mostly board games and video games), and run a small hobby import/export business.


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