Day 42: Time to Build

2013-11-11 11.09.41At last we get to start creating something.  We started mid October and since then it’s been mostly demolishing things.  We’ve taken down walls, ceilings, floors, lights, pipes, pretty much everything.  Now we get to put stuff back up.  The dumpster was hauled away last Thursday and then this Monday our order from Commonwealth Lumber showed up.  It was pretty cool actually.  A rather modest flatbed truck backed up into our driveway and the driver dumped a package of boards off the back.  I would have thought it would have caused damage, but everything looked great.  Em was super excited that it came wrapped and bundled like a Christmas Present.  Yay presents!

We ended up ordering from Commonwealth because we needed to special order some laminated lumber joists.  At to that about fifty 2x4s and about a dozen really long boards and it just made sense to get everything delivered rather than trying to figure out how to haul it ourselves.  Emily liked the sales rep at Commonwealth a lot too.  He was about 70 and very grandfatherly.  Their prices were maybe slightly higher than other places we looked at including Home Depot (which tends to have the lowest prices around) but it was only $30 to deliver it and that made them pretty comparable to everyone else.  I’d recommend them to anyone in the area who needs building supplies.

2013-11-11 11.33.08In addition to the lumber order, we did a big buy at Home Depot for some various odds and ends including OSB for subflooring, drywall for patching, sewer pipe for draining, a back door for…back dooring…and a window, which turned out to be the wrong one but we’ll return it for the right one eventually.  All this adds up to one very full garage with new stuff.  I really like the smell of freshly cut lumber.  One the best parts about going to a home improvement store is walking up and down the lumber aisles smelling the smells.  I also like when I’m cutting something and the saw kicks sawdust everywhere.  I’m hoping that as the new lumber is grafted onto the old house frame, the odor in the place shifts from plaster dust to new wood smell.  We also picked up 30lbs of framing nails and 5 gallons of jointing compound.  Time to go to work.



About Nathan

Originally from central Florida (near Orlando), I've lived in the Cleveland area since 2008. When I'm not caught up in the life project de jure, I paint, sculpt, play games (mostly board games and video games), and run a small hobby import/export business.


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