Day 149: Finding Floors

2014-02-25 11.07.03

Starting at one side of the room.

In two of the rooms we’re removing a 3/8ths thick oak plank board in order to refinish the original hardwood floor boards underneath.  The hope is that enough it is nice that some patching and a dark stain will give us some beautiful floors with a nice sense of history.  A few days ago I spent the better part of 12 hours carefully removing the oak boards and their small nails from the dining room.  As it turns out, we’re pretty good in the dining room.  One length of about 3′ needs to be replaced and there’s two small holes that need to be patched.  Otherwise a good sanding, stain, and seal and these hundred year old floors will sing again.  A really neat part of this project…underneath the oak was black tar paper laid down as a moisture barrier.  In one corner of the room, it was clear they ran out of tar paper so they put down some old newspaper.  The acid from the paper destroyed the oak board and ate away the finish on the underlying planks, but parts of it were still legible.  The date on the Plain Dealer is 1960.  So the oak was laid a little over 50 years ago.  How about that?

Newspaper is a bad choice for an underlayment

Newspaper is a bad choice for an underlayment

An old PD.

An old PD.

Look what I found.

Look what I found.

2014-02-25 12.32.532014-02-25 15.18.552014-02-25 15.18.59


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