Rout, Rout, Rout it all Out

2014-04-14 16.10.54I accomplished my first routing project.  Part of installing the bar involves putting in this incredibly beefy brackets.  Like, seriously, it was $30 to just ship these things.  Each one must way 25 pounds.  I’m pretty sure the wood is going to collapse before these things will bend.  Anyway, in order to install them, I had to rout a little more than half an inch of wood out of several trough shapes in the pony wall on which the bar will sit.  It was mostly successful.  I used a straight bit and kind of eyeballed the depth rather than measuring and using the fine adjust on the router.  There’s a fair bit I still don’t know about the machine.  I suspect I should have done two shallow passes rather than one full pass.  At one point I got caught on a bit of drywall overhang that caused me to lose control of the router and pinball inside the groove I was cutting.  The final product won’t show it, but man is that thing powerful.  I’m super excited to make picture frames in the far off future where I can set up a workshop in the garage*.


*I do actually fantasize from time to time about my garage workshop.  It’s big enough to fit quite a few machines into and still have room to park.  I now own way more tools than when we started and even more excitingly, I know how to use way more tools than when I started.


About Nathan

Originally from central Florida (near Orlando), I've lived in the Cleveland area since 2008. When I'm not caught up in the life project de jure, I paint, sculpt, play games (mostly board games and video games), and run a small hobby import/export business.


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