Day 218: Emily’s Laundry

The laundry room was completely Em’s design.  She picked out the washer/dryer set  she wanted.  She picked out the tile, the wall paneling, and the paint.  She even picked out where she wanted the vent in the room to be.  She plumbed the washer box and painted the walls.  I just installed the stuff.  We now have a working washer and dryer and a very bright and fun laundry room.  As of writing this, I still need to finish caulking the trim, a second coat of paint, and putting in a door, but otherwise it’s pretty much a finished room.

2014-05-18 11.44.34 2014-05-18 11.44.192014-05-18 11.45.022014-05-18 11.45.06


About Nathan

Originally from central Florida (near Orlando), I've lived in the Cleveland area since 2008. When I'm not caught up in the life project de jure, I paint, sculpt, play games (mostly board games and video games), and run a small hobby import/export business.

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