Day ??? : Hiatus

2014-05-27 12.31.35Here’s a brief recap of our last couple weeks.  We moved out of the house we were renting at the end of last month.  All of our stuff is currently being stored at our new house, distributed between the finished bedrooms and the garage.  Our friends Tim and Ang graciously offered us up their guest bedroom to stay while we finish the work.  They just bought a new house and are in the process of fixing up their old house for sale.  So their life is 1. Wake up; 2. Go to work; 3. Go work on their old house; 4. Go to sleep.  Our life, on the other hand is 1. Wake up; 2. Go to work/go work on the house; 3. Work on the house some more; 4. Go to sleep.  So despite living together for like 2 weeks, we almost never see each other.  Still it’s good to have friends that care and they’re super awesome people.

As far as work goes, we’re busting our butts trying to get everything squared away to bed finished by the end of the month.  As of writing this, we’ve finished our final HVAC inspection and I called to set up our final Electric.  The plumbing is waiting on a shower to be finished, but that’s pretty darn close.  After those mechanicals are out of the way, the rest should be smooth sailing.  Work wise, nearly everything is finished.  There’s some odds and ends, mostly painting and trimwork, that needs done.  Finishing the bathroom shower is the biggest project still left.  I also need to hang some doors.  But really, everything should be on track to be finished soon.  This week we’re getting the ducts cleaned and having carpet installed in the master bedroom.  After that, we’ll be able to run the HVAC system and all of our floors will be finished.  We have two working bathrooms minus a shower in one.  And most importantly, I think we have all the materials we need to finish everything out (with the exception of the odd box of nails or paintbrush here and there).

Our life style right now doesn’t leave much time to write posts, so consider us on hiatus for the blog until we move in proper and I have time to catch up.  We do have pictures of the various projects and I have lots to write about.  Just no time.  Hopefully that changes soon.