Day 277: Approval

Howdy all!

It’s Thursday, July 3rd.  Yesterday we had our final walk through with Northeast Shores and our final inspection with the city of Cleveland.  The folks from NES were over the moon with the improvements that we made.  It was very positive and made me feel kind of bashful.  The inspector from the city, who showed up a little later, said we did a good job but found a few minor issues that needed to be taken care of before she would sign off.  She was nice enough to agree to come back today (we said it wouldn’t take that long and we’d take care of them right after she left).  So as of 4pm today, we have our final sign off for the house.  City Hall was closed for the long weekend by then, but that’s just a matter of pushing some paper.  We’re officially approved by everybody and we can move into the house!  It was too late in the day to start pulling furniture, so tonight we’re back in our friend’s guest room but I imagine we’ll be up bright and early to start moving in.

There’s still lots we want to do with the house and we’ll keep updating as we undertake more projects.  Plus I have a hefty back log of posts from our hiatus to wade through once there’s a little bit of breathing room.  Keep reading the blog.  We’re over the hill and that’s what counts!  No more inspections and check ups!  Now to take a very long nap.