Day 300: New Family Members

Up until now, we’ve been renters.  Post-highschool, both Em and I went to college and lived in dorms.  After that, we lived in a variety of aparment situations.  When we got together, we first had a 2 bedroom apartment and then later we rented a house.  In all this time, pets weren’t really an option.  We had some fish tanks, but nothing furry running around.  For a while now, Emily has really wanted a kitten.  I grew up with animals and like having them around.  After I got back form my vacation, we headed to the local APL to see about adopting a kitten.  We went in for one and somehow came out with two.  Meet the new members of our family:

2014-07-23 13.37.20

Gizmo – An orange, taby with giraffe-like markings.

2014-07-25 15.59.15

Olive – A tiny, fearless calico.

                                                                               Gizmo was about four months old and Olive about 3 months when we adopted them.  We went through quite the list of names and even ended up changing Gizmo’s (previously we tried Kramer).  I think we were outrageously lucky with our picks.  Our good friends went to the shelter with us and advocated for getting two kittens rather than one.  I’m very happy we decided to get two.  Kittens get bored easily and they play together non-stop.  They’re both very affectionate and fearless when it comes to new situations and people.  Within a day or two they were exploring the house and climbing on things.  They showed up litter trained, so we didn’t have to struggle with boxes.  Gizmo is a bit needier than Olive.  He wants to be in your lap and held against your chest.  Olive is more content to hang out by herself.  She enjoys ridding around on my shoulder so she can look at everything.  It’s super cute.  They’ll have their first field trip in a few weeks when we go to visit some friends of ours in Toledo.  We’ve made it a point to take them on car rides and by now they’re pretty chill about being in the car and actually enjoy spending time in their carrier.

2014-08-02 19.32.04Our only challenge so far has been sleep.  Kittens sleep like 18 hours a day, and then run laps the other 4.  The problem is they want to play around 2am and then again around 5am.  Gizmo has taken to waking me up by biting my nose.  On the other hand, someone really likes falling asleep with purring kittens on her belly (see above).  I’ve taken to either evicting the cats when I head to bed or waiting for them to fall asleep elseware and slipping away unnoticed.  We’re really happy with the next additions to our family!


Day 370: Happenings

We’ve been in radio silence on the blog for the last several months.  My apologies for that.  Here’s what’s been going on in life…We passed our final inspections and closed everything out with the city and Northeast Shores at the beginning of July.  We received our Certificate of Occupancy and filed a copy with the CDC. We moved in the weekend of July 4th and I took the next week off to visit friends in Toledo and sleep.  Thus began the slow process of moving in.  It’s now about 3 months later and we’re still not quite there yet.  This has been an amazing challenge for us.  In all my past moves, the unpacking process has been a matter of taking things out of boxes and putting them into drawers, up on walls, arranging furniture, and all that fun stuff.  Moving into this house has been a little different.  We still have a long laundry list of things that need to be done and we want to be done.  Shelving needs to be put in, trimwork needs to be finished, and lots of stuff needs sanded, painted, and generally cleaned.  The needle barely moved in our first month in the house.  It was a combination of both being exhausted and overwhelmed.  But little by little we’ve chipped away at it and brought more rooms online.

I still intend to update this blog.  I have lots of material from the final months of renovation that never made it, plus continuing projects and general home-repair stuff.  I’m hoping to continue to use this as a platform to both keep people involved in our project as well as chronicle the things we’re learning from this stage in our life.  So stay tuned!