Day 370: Happenings

We’ve been in radio silence on the blog for the last several months.  My apologies for that.  Here’s what’s been going on in life…We passed our final inspections and closed everything out with the city and Northeast Shores at the beginning of July.  We received our Certificate of Occupancy and filed a copy with the CDC. We moved in the weekend of July 4th and I took the next week off to visit friends in Toledo and sleep.  Thus began the slow process of moving in.  It’s now about 3 months later and we’re still not quite there yet.  This has been an amazing challenge for us.  In all my past moves, the unpacking process has been a matter of taking things out of boxes and putting them into drawers, up on walls, arranging furniture, and all that fun stuff.  Moving into this house has been a little different.  We still have a long laundry list of things that need to be done and we want to be done.  Shelving needs to be put in, trimwork needs to be finished, and lots of stuff needs sanded, painted, and generally cleaned.  The needle barely moved in our first month in the house.  It was a combination of both being exhausted and overwhelmed.  But little by little we’ve chipped away at it and brought more rooms online.

I still intend to update this blog.  I have lots of material from the final months of renovation that never made it, plus continuing projects and general home-repair stuff.  I’m hoping to continue to use this as a platform to both keep people involved in our project as well as chronicle the things we’re learning from this stage in our life.  So stay tuned!


About Nathan

Originally from central Florida (near Orlando), I've lived in the Cleveland area since 2008. When I'm not caught up in the life project de jure, I paint, sculpt, play games (mostly board games and video games), and run a small hobby import/export business.


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