Birthday Presents!

I just have to share… it was my birthday this week and I was thrilled to receive a bunch of home-improvement related gifts from Nathan.  I’m really excited to use all of it (does everyone get excited about tools? I think they should….) including

  • Shop vac!
  • New cordless drill!
  • Pry bars!
  • Pocket square with level!
  • Drywall saw!
  • Stud finder (insert obligatory “I already found my stud!” comment here w/*eyebrows*)
  • A lovely book/tracker for Home Owners where you can put all sorts of details from when/who/what contractor work was done, to the right size filter for your furnace, for the made and model and color of your kitchen tile, to paint chips, to warranty info for you windows, etc. It’s comprehensive and has lots of room to take notes and include details. It will be perfect!!!

Now? I just have to do some actual work….